We offer a wide range of services from advice and direction for the total lifecycle management of a large range of Assistive Technology equipment to maintenance of Assistive Technologies of all makes and models.

Logistics Storage Refurbishment Modifications


  • Equipment collections/retrieval
  • Equipment disassembly onsite
  • Equipment transfer within a site
  • Equipment transport state wide
  • Equipment delivery & assembly
  • Basic equipment adjustments onsite
  • Extensive adjustments & programming adjustments onsite


Chemtronics Direct is able to offer collections, delivery, and equipment moving services state wide.  Our friendly staff will call in advance to arrange the required service at a convenient time.  Our delivery staff will arrive at the desired time, discuss and then remove or install the items as required using speciality removal/installation equipment developed by Chemtronics specifically for this purpose.  Our staff are also made aware of the current situation surrounding the service and will adjust accordingly. We have multiple sized vehicles that are able to accommodate an extensive range of mobility equipment.  We can also offer a higher level of technical expertise for specific deliveries that can assist with detailed physical and programming adjustments on equipment.


  •  Assessment and Database Upload
  • Long or short term storage
  • Easy access to equipment as required
  • Links easily to our other services



Chemtronics Direct have a large 3000sqm storage facility that is designed and arranged to store every piece of mobility equipment available for either long term or short term duration as required. Equipment can be entered and its location tracked through our online database system with all its specifications and photos available. Our storage facility works concurrently with our other services such as logistics, cleaning, refurbishment and modifications.


  • Refurbishment of equipment including: Liaising, Assessment, and Quotation
  • Full testing of refurbished equipment to AS
  • Full clean of the equipment



Chemtronics Direct have developed extensive refurbishment techniques that allow us to asses, clean and then refurbish equipment so it is returned back to being as close to as new as is required by the user. Functionally it will operate as new however aesthetically cost is assessed against the items value and the clients requirements. All equipment is cleaned to a high medical standard and we have specialised equipment to achieve this. Parts covered generally include mechanical, electrical, and upholstery pieces on equipment.



  • Liaising with stakeholders
  • Parts ordering and fabrication
  • Modifications
  • Testing and cleaning
  • Site adjustments


Modifications: Chemtronics Direct can conduct almost any modification required. We will always utilise manufacturers parts when available, however if they are not, we have the option of getting parts fabricated in our extensive workshop facilities. Modifications can include physical, electrical, or programming changes that are done in consultation with the therapist involved. We will always assess the equipment in conjunction with the requested modifications to ensure everything is possible and safe. Further training, adjustments and programming can be carried out onsite with clients and therapists present.