• Equipment collections/retrieval
  • Equipment disassembly onsite
  • Equipment transfer within a site
  • Equipment transport state wide
  • Equipment delivery & assembly
  • Basic equipment adjustments onsite
  • Extensive adjustments & programming adjustments onsite

Chemtronics Direct is able to offer collections, delivery, and equipment moving services state wide.

Our friendly staff will call in advance to arrange the required service at a convenient time. Our delivery staff will arrive at the desired time, discuss and then remove or install the items as required using speciality removal/installation equipment developed by Chemtronics specifically for this purpose. Our staff are also made aware of the current situation surrounding the service and will adjust accordingly.

We have multiple sized vehicles that are able to accommodate an extensive range of mobility equipment.

We can also offer a higher level of technical expertise for specific deliveries that can assist with detailed physical and programming adjustments on equipment.